Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Run Ving Run x an entire marathon in New Footwear!

An entire marathon is OFFICIALLY in my [near] future! Today I took the plunge and first: Got myself into the Full Marathon Clinic at the Running Room and Second: Registered for the ING OTTAWA MARATHON! So you know how I was running like a mad woman while training for the half? well, you ain't seen nothing yet...The running in my life may have just become my life! HA! I am excited, inspired, motivated and a little nervous! But you know what, I am up for the challenge! Bring it on! Cannot wait to achieve yet another goal on the old list!
While we are on the topic of Running-today I purchased a new pair of Running Shoes. I am of the belief that my shoes had met their mileage maximum and luckily the new 2008 model of the GT-2130® of the 2000 series, was avail...They are so beautious and hug my foot just right! And techonology wise, they offer the following:
Oh it makes me even more excited to get back out there and back at it!


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