Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Alli and Vingy's very own Tradition

Lovely Alli and I have started our very own tradition...
While in Key West, Alli and I came across the most fantastically cheesiferic WHITE jackets and decided to have them iron on KEY WEST FLA in neon-they are quite awesome!
And yes my friends, we purchased them. Now the deal with these jackets is we must wear them to every Buckley family function (excluding weddings and funerals). And when I say wear them at every family function-I mean just that. They do not need to be worn the entirety of the function but for a moment together where a photograph will mark that they were worn. Being white they work for every season and really every occasion.
Maddy's in E'ville.So here are our moments thus far which mark the beginning of such tradition...
The evening of the purchase

Pre hitting the slopes in E'ville

Mardi Gras at Maddy's


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