Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thanks Poplar Plains!

A requirement of our training for the half and full clinics has included some hill training. To be honest, the first night of hill training back in November/December, I was frightened. I feared what us humans first always fear..."What if I can't?..." and then there was the fear of the hill itself... "what if it is unrunnable?...".
Most Running Rooms in the downtown area use the same hill. The hill is located at Dupont and Davenport. The hill is lined with the most beautiful and delightful million dollar homes (give or take). The hill is POPLAR PLAINS.
My first evening out, I dreaded what was about to become a Wednesday night ritual. But once I got started, I began to realize it is not all that bad. Actually I was kind of enjoying running up Poplar Plains and then jogging back down. The first Wednesday we did 3 hills for the half. When I think back, "Piece of Cake!" comes to mind- because it was.
In the half clinic we got all the way up to 9 hills. At the conclusion of the nine, I still actually enjoyed them! (I know I am a bit weird.) Now by joining the Full clinic, the Wednesday night Hill ritual continues. We get all the way up to 10 hills. Bring them on!
Every week when I get to the bottom of Poplar Plains, I get a few little butterflies of excitement because I do in fact LOVE doing hills.
Last night we did 7 hills. They are putting down the floor in our house-as John Stanton would say. And they are making me a better, faster and stronger runner ...Thanks Poplar Plains!


PS Unfortunately, this picture does not really show you the extent of the Poplar Plains Hill. But it is in fact one hell of a hill! I promise...

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