Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Canadian Film Fest a MUST

Are you of the belief that Canadian Film sucks? PLEASE let me prove you wrong. This week a small but awe-inspiring Film Festival is taking place in the T dot.

The Canadian Film Fest is a non-profit organization devoted to the celebration, promotion and advancement of Canadian filmmaking talent. By exclusively featuring Canadian films, their goal is to provide filmmakers with valuable showcasing and networking opportunities and to offer the public homegrown productions to view and enjoy.
The Canadian Film Fest is held annually in downtown Toronto theatre locations. The festival showcases short and feature films and also includes opening and closing galas, parties, panels and other meet-and-greet sessions.

What the CFF do in a "Canuckshell":
They provide a venue for Canadian filmmakers to showcase their films in a nationally recognized film festival and to inspire them to produce more films.
They provide an unbiased forum and excellent networking opportunities for Canadian filmmakers and others in the industry.
They elevate Canadian film as an art and as a viable commercial force by exposing the public to innovative films created outside of the "Hollywood" norm.
They have created an annual film festival event that the country can be proud of.

The CFF is presented by Schweppes and operates in partnership with Film Circuit of the Toronto International Film Festival Group.
Their sponsors are the following: BELL, LEO BURNETT, BUCK PRODUCTIONS, The Bell Video Store, Cineplex odeon, 70 Main Street Communication and Design, William F Whites, TORONTO.COM, Meridian Artistis,Delta Chelsea, Premier Insurance, IFC, IMarion, Grand Marnier, Steam Whistle, VideoScope, Eye Weekly and Playback.

Emily Pengelly whom is on the board of directors recommended the following four films:


Genre: Documentary
Duration: 46
Synopsis: In April 2006, the creators of the award-winning Canadian feature film SIDEKICK crossed Canada with the one and only print of their film, screening it for Canadians from Halifax to Vancouver. Besides chronicling the ups-and-downs of their coast-to-coast adventure, they also took to the streets to talk to everyday Canadians and film industry professionals about the current state of the Canadian English-language film industry.

Panel Discussion to Follow:
Moderated by Richard Crouse (co-host "Reel to Real")
Panelists: Brad Pelman (Maple), Peter Vamos (Playback)
Dan Lyon (Telefilm), Rob Cousins (Cineplex),
Anna Stratton (Triptych), Michael Sparaga (filmmaker)

Genre: Comedy
Duration: 90
Synopsis: This dark, raunchy, yet strangely touching comedy tells the story of two blue-collar Easter Bunnies. Hank smokes, swears and spends time with “ladies of the night.” Mike is a bundle of insecurities whose entire life is defined by his job. After they get downsized from their chosen profession, they reluctantly head to the unemployment office and end up with various odd jobs. Fighting debt, eviction and eventually each other, Hank and Mike come to realize that there is something far more important than their jobs… their friendship.


Genre: Documentary
Duration: 89
Synopsis: This gripping documentary examines criminal confessions resulting from an RCMP undercover sting strategy known as "Mr. Big". Filmmaker Tiffany Burns investigates RCMP actions after her brother Sebastian and his friend are convicted of murder. Their confessions are made to an undercover RCMP police officer who builds a relationship with the suspects while presenting himself as an organized crime gang member. Considered entrapment in the U.S. and England, Burns questions the ethics of using the "Mr. Big" sting technique.

Tiffany Burns and Dr. Rubin "Hurricane" Carter will be present for a Q&A after the film. His group, Innocence International has studied the case and is supporting Sebastian and Atif in their fight for justice and will field questions.

Genre: Comedy
Duration: 80
Synopsis: When Mark Tobias (Spencer Rice, KENNY VS SPENNY) gets arrested for masturbating in a video store, he tries to stay out of prison by making a documentary about his pornography addiction. But what starts out as a simple home video to appease the judge ends up taking Mark on an undercover adventure to the of heart the porn industry, where he comes face–to-face with his addiction, his favorite pornographer and a most unlikely porn star.

For more information go to the Canadian Film Fest Website

So get off the couch and go out and see some kick ass Canadian Film!


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