Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Mardi Gras in E'Ville!

This past weekend was Mardi Gras in E'ville! Did we ever have fun! Holimont is having a hard time keeping up with grooming with all of this snow we have been getting but it was still awesome!
We began the weekend with a 5 hour drive...the roads were brutal not to mention the traffic....Which brought us right to the Depot where we met Trav, Alli and Mrs. B. They had pitchers of Long Islands awaiting and we ordered up some hot wings right out of the frier. Perfect with a P! We hit the town that night and had way too many drinks and way too many laughs.
The following day we hit the slopes...Trav and Al along with Sweet Pete were dressed for the occasion... I would not have expected any less!
And we boarded/skied our hangovers away...
We apres skied then Sam and I knew exercise was is in order...SO off I went on a nice light 5 K and Sam did the same.
The rest of the weekend we rocked, we rolled, we rioted with laughter and we roared and even fit in another day of hitting the slopes...
Thanks to the entire crew whom was down for all of the fun! The beads have safely been stored away until Mardi Gras 09.


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