Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Friendship Sticks=Reflection and Goals

It is that time of year where you start to reflect on the year behind you and start to ponder the year ahead. As you know, I spent much of my childhood summers, at Camp. It was truly one of the greatest things my parents ever did for me...but that is a story, for another post, another time.
Anyway, on the last night of camp we had something called Final Council Fire. It was an evening of reflection, friendship, love and wishes. We dressed in our cleanest, sparkliest uniform. There were speeches of thanks filled with love. There were songs sung that filled the group with laughter and there were "friendship sticks". ahhh wonderful "friendship stick"s. Like the name, it was a regular old stick that you would find under a tree. The special part about these sticks was a tiny piece of paper that you wrapped around the top of the stick with a piece of string. On the paper you wrote a hope, a wish or a resolution. Everyone would give their stick to the "Little Chief" who would tie them together with twine and then place them on the fire.
2006 was what you might call a difficult year. I was faced with many negative obstacles and challenges. There were many times where it would have been so easy to throw up my hands and give up. And you know, there were a few select times that I gave in but did not give up-which only a few ppl witnessed. So as 2007 approached, I decided I would create a list of goals to work towards in the coming year. These in someway became like a friendship stick. They gave me hope and renewed my optimism.
And even though I did not wrap them around a stick, the goals/resolutions made me feel the same way inside as the "friendship stick" did. I was saying goodbye and reflecting AND allowing myself to look forward.
So as we get closer to the final month of 2007, I thought it appropriate to review my
goals, my resolutions, my wishes and see how I faired...



•Cut down sugar in diet
•Eat less candy
•Cut out Diet Coke
•Run a 10k
•Snow board for an entire day with no pain
•Get off the chair lift by myself without falling 5 times.
•Spin once a week
•Lose 5 pounds


•Don’t Gossip
•Spend less
•Laugh more
•Follow thru
•Take mental health days
•Learn from my mistakes
•Don’t take things personally
•Don’t cry
•Don’t assume anything
•Have more friends and less acquaintances
•Treat ppl like you would like to be treated
•Handle stress better-stay clam and take deep breaths
•Be aggressive
•Stand up for myself
•Blame Less and Problem solve more
•Run a marathon before I am 30
•Be promoted to Producer

As I read the resolutions, I realize I have actually been resolved of many of them! I think by taking a moment to write them out may have triggered something in me and sub consciously I have been checking these things off! These goals have allowed me to stay focused and brought me back, to me. And as I reflect on this year, I begin to slowly think through what I might write on my "friendship stick" for 2008...


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